Aug 5, 2011

Want a Remarkable Ramadhan??

easy to be said, hope it's hard to forget.. just use these 4 steps.. 

1. Free your mind from..
clutter , negative thoughts, meaningless worry. 
negative thoughts breed, one bad though leads to another. In Quran also saids, it may add up your sins too..Focus on something else when the mind wonders into negative space and when you do have to worry, worry only about your relationship with ALLAHswt. 

2. Free your body from..
tensity, laziness, bad speech.
fasting does not give you excuse to be weak; look at the companions during the Battle of Badr! As for bad speech, when someone antagonizes you say, "Verily, i'm fasting, i'm fasting, i'm fasting..."

3. Free your heart from..
vengeance, hatred, unforgiveness.
Learn to let go. ALLAH swt. says in the Quran that those who become angry but quick to forgive will have reward from ALLAH! and remember that companion who forgaveeveryone before he went to be being describes by the Prophet saw. as a person fromJannah? 

4. Free your spirit from..
Hubb ad-Dunya, people&things.
Remember, everything in this world is temporary. Your parents, your love, your relatives, your friends, your house, your games, your computer, your mp3... everything. Use Ramadhan to detach yourself from your love for everything in this world, because in the end.. Only ALLAHswt. remains close to you.... So just pick, which one is worth to do.. do what ALLAH loves, or what our desire wants? 

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